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The street art is a huge inspirational source for many artist, graffiti is probably the most famous but is not the only one.
This form of artistically expression started being reinvented at the end of the 80’s, the introduction and success of the new technologies in advertisement changed completely the face of the street art, creating a new visual language through posters, murals and various advertisement spaces.

The first graffitis were found in prehistoric ages when men painted animal shapes on cave walls, later the Romans painted messages protesting against the regime on walls throughout the Roman Empire.

Nowadays the graffiters are urban artist with names and faces, being “Banksy”– the British street artist- one of the most famous one. We would like to present you with two different graffiti artists, each with a very unique and different style.

Banksy’s work captures daily satirical situations regarding politics, culture, pop, ethical issues or morality. He combines graffiti and sculpture, the use of templates is his most used technique. He published three books; “Banging your head against a brick wall”(2011), “Existentialism”(2002) and “Cut it out”(2004).

In Spain Raul Ruiz from Granada nicknamed “El niño de las pinturas” or “Sex” is one of the most well known Spanish graffiti artist, his signature is on walls in countries such Holland, Portugal, Venezuela, Hungary, Belgium, France and of course in the streets of Granada. His graffiti often represents human figures and shapes,ranging from infants to teenagers.